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Razorback Stump Removal is a owner/operated local business based in Palatine, Illinois.  We provide a quality stump grinding service to the home owner, arboriculture and ground maintenance industry throughout the area.

Razorback Stump Removal provides a specialized grinding service for the efficient removal of unsightly and problematic tree and shrub stumps. We pride ourselves in a high level of service and customer satisfaction. Our clients can range from a combination of Local Authorities, Developers, Tree Surgeons, Landscapers, Builders and Private Individuals, all of which appreciate our excellent results and trustworthy service...

We can save you time, money, hassle and expense associated with manual or mechanical extraction and disposal. Our grinding service also minimizes the reinstatement required as the wood chip and soil mixture extracted from the hole is back filled, compacted and leveled to give a fine finish.

This environmentally sound way of dealing with stumps means no export to landfill and no import of soil to fill the holes! Therefore you save money and our environment is saved a little anguish too!  All of our work is guaranteed.

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