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How are stumps removed?
Stumps are removed in primarily three ways. 

1.    Stumps can be rotted out using chemicals, but the process takes months or even years. The wood must become rotten enough to break apart for disposal. The disadvantage of this process is the amount of time waiting for the chemicals to do their job. Also, as it rots, the stump becomes a haven for roaches, snakes, and even termites. 

2.    This second and most dangerous way of removing a stump is pulling it out using a cable/chain and a truck in concert with a chain saw. Razorback Stump Removal does not in any way recommend this method. Death or serious injury may result! Some stumps can also be pulled using heavy equipment but the risk of disturbing your utilities always exists! Gas lines, telephone, water, and even cable can be interrupted by roots from that stump pulling out those services from as far as 25 feet away. Always call your utility company first!

This third method is the safest. Using stump-grinding machines the stump is ground down below the surface of the soil leaving useful mulch in most cases. This method grinds most of the stump out of the ground and whatever remains will deteriorate over time leaving a rich black soil.  

How will Razorback Stump Removal remove my stump? 
Razorback Stump Removal uses mechanical means to shave/chip the stump down 6-8" below the surface grade of the immediate area surrounding the stump. 

Will My stump grow back?

When a living tree is cut and the stump is left behind the tree still survives as long as the sugars that it uses to survive are present. This is why some times a stump will regenerate shoots trying to grow again. Once the stump is ground below grade, in most cases, it will not grow back.   In rare cases some species of tree allows running roots to sprout in time. Feeder roots are ground, included in the price, but runner roots are not due the small nature of these roots. They are usually less than 1/8" in diameter and can be pulled. Usually they rot away, but in rare species that can sprout.

Will there be a hole in my yard?

Once the stump has been ground, the hole will be filled with the mulch (shavings/chips) from the stump. A lawnscape service in some cases is preferred to grade out the entire area depending on how large of a stump has been ground.

Razorback Stump Removal does not haul away the mulch.

What must I do After you leave?
With the first rains, your soil that is mixed with the mulch will settle to the bottom leaving mostly mulch on top. Within 2-4 weeks the mulch will settle and pack down. Add a small layer of topsoil found at any home garden center. A couple of weeks later, runners from the surrounding grass will start to take back the area. Within a couple of years the mulch will deteriorate and a small dip will develop. A small amount of soil will be needed depending on the size of the stump removed to bring that dip up to grade. 

Is Razorback Stump Removal Insured?
Yes. Razorback Stump Removal is fully insured and proof of this insurance is always available for viewing. Certificates of Insurance can be produced upon request.

*We require at least 24 hour advanced notice during a normal workweek. Holidays and weekends may require additional time for your addressed certificate to be prepared and faxed.

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